February 26, 2009

Visit us at the Humble Arts

Good morning world. Still no Spring. I think it is hiding under a rock somewhere don't you. Hum....where oh where could it be?!? I'm still looking for it. But until I find it, I thought I would invite you to visit me and the gals over at the "Humble Arts". We too are looooooooooonging for Spring and I think our offerings show that. I have created a "mixed media fairy bird house" and a whimsical little fairy called "make a wish". My wish is to have Spring hurry up and get here!!! We want to do some plantin'. I can just feel the dirt between my fingers now. Sweet inpatients, daffodils, holly hocks, and lets not forget those adorable, always smiling back at ya, Pansies. Oh, was I supposed to be talking about the Humble Arts? Whoops! Yes, these gals have worked their fingers to the bone, one broke her finger and she is a hair dresser. Ugh, poor dear. But they have fabulous, wonderful, and even groovy offerings for you to see. So get yer but.........over there and take a gander. You won't be disappointed, I promise. Our new offerings can be viewed Sunday, March 1st. Have a glorious day!

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