May 8, 2010

How Wonderful it is to be a Mother

It is true is it not, that being a mother has so many perks. Late night feedings, bags under the eye lids, clothes that never go a day without spit up somewhere on them. How about the famous statement that little Johnny makes to the preacher about you and daddy kissing on the sofa last night. Or little Sally loves your earring so much she just yanked it right out of your ear. Ouch.!!!

It is true that being a mother has so many perks and all kidding aside, one of my favorite times with my kids is bed time. Now don't get me wrong, I know some of the jibber jabber from my son is so he can milk his time of going to bed, but really I love to hear him telling me all the wonderful ideas, stories and thoughts he has had that day. In the morning, he always has some wild dream that he loves to tell me in utter detail (usually right before the bus comes so I have to take him to school, LOL) but they are great stories and I wouldn't miss hearing them for the world.

My daughter 17 going on 25 or more, is starting to come into her own. She is finding her way and is starting to get a grasp on what she wants to do in her life and I love the hear her tell me all about it.

I think one of the most beautiful gifts we have as a mother is listening. It is a free gift and it is up to us to take it and cherish it like a beautiful diamond. Our childrens thoughts and ideas only come once, so cherish those moments, listen to them and acknowledge them, give them your FULL attention when you can and watch them blossom beyond your greatest expectations. Happy Mothers Day and God bless. Cathy

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