July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing you a safe, happy, fun filled day! Lets not forget why we celebrate such an amazing day though! We are the "Land of the Free" because of our men and women who serve and have given their lives for our freedom!

 Last but not least, our God blessed America!
(Bottled Up Designs photo via facebook)

Never forget, always be greatful!
Thank you for your sacrifice men and women
our armed forces!
Thank you our heavenly Father for your
your precious son
who gave his life so we may live life

July 3, 2013

2 Alien Monsters who fell from Outer Space!

Not to worry, these are sweet and soft Alien Monsters.
I have been working for well over a month on the Polkadot Angel Project and had been making the same type of doll everyday. I needed a creative outlet. So off I went to the craft room with some very wild ideas.  Once I sketched out my design and copied it, I traced it onto the fabric and started the process of creating a "Monster"!!!  Eeek!  Now my plan was to use this design for the Polkadot Angel project but it became to complicated...sniff!
 My first design was to have the arms sewn onto the front of the body. Although I liked this idea, I didn't really like the results.  But he is still cute though. I used minky fabric which has a soft, plush feel to it and great for kids to cuddle with.

Now for the Purple People Eater. Oh I mean the sweet, soft people squeezer!  That's better, we don't want to scare the kids.  This guy is just a dolly! LOL! I mean he is so sweet and bright and cheery you just gotta love him even if he is from outer space.

  Using fleece for his body, which is so very soft, I also sewed on bright cheery fabric and added arms that look a bit more natural.  I sewed on a  vintage button for his nose and added a  cute flower patch for his eye. Last but not least, I added some orange, alien fur (wool roving) just for a bit more sparkle.   He's a colorful kind of fellow, wouldn't you say!
 They play well  together and they didn't push each other to much so I could get this photo. There are more Alien Monsters from Outer Space coming and  I plan on making a pattern for this darling monster too.  They will be available here on this blog in the near future, as well as my Etsy shop:
on my facebook page:
Hey, thanks for stopping by and hope you'll come back for more
 "Alien Monsters from Outer Space"!
(said in a very loud voice, LOL!)
God bless!

June 27, 2013

Polkadot Angel Project for Oklahoma

This is just a little taste of what I have been working on for the past 2 months.
These are the dollys that have been donated to the "Oklahoma Angel Project" by various doll artists. They will be shipped out in October for the Christmas season.

Cricket Hollow Prims sent hand drawn face dollys as well as beanie babys. We greatly appreciate her donation and talent!!!

 Cindy Markovy of Homespun from the Heart" sent us two Annie dollys for the project. Aren't they darling!!!
 Connie Smith also sent these wonderfully, whimsical fairies and dollys. So sweet!
 Fabric donations came rolling in also, and Melissa Holland sent these delightful and full of color fabrics to us. I can't wait to start sewing up dollys with these delighful fabrics.
 Below is a pic of some of the wonderful ladies who are helping me get dollys together. Thank you both for all your help, I could not have done it without you Nancy and Mary Catherine.
So you see we are on the move and hoping to get these dollys ready and off to Oklahoma in October.
Please pray for this ministry as we will need all those prayers to get them there. Thank you.

Website Moving Over to Blog Site

Good morning to you! I wanted to let you know that I will be moving my intire shop over from my current website. I have long been deciding this was a good idea since I am not able to take care of both website and blog. So one has suffered neglect, sometimes both.  I will keep my website up and running for a couple of months to get everyone aware of the move as I transfer pics and patterns over to here for your shopping convenience.  It has been a long time coming, but I know I will be happier not having to up keep both blog and website.

You can still visit my website here: www.snugglebugprimblessins.com.

You can also visit my etsy store here: www.snugglebugblessings.etsy.com

My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/cathy.gray.79

I am currently working on dollys for the "Oklahoma Polkadot Angel Project" now but will start on new dolls and patterns for the upcoming holiday season soon.

Thanks for stopping by, you are always welcome here at Snugglebug Blessings.

May 12, 2013

Snugglebug Blessings: Happy Mothers Day!

Snugglebug Blessings: Happy Mothers Day!: Happy Mother's Day!     This is my precious daughter Lauren and her husband Trevor. This is one of the gifts God gave me for Moth...

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
This is my precious daughter Lauren and her husband Trevor. This is one of the gifts God gave me for Mother's day! 
Lauren is so talented there isn't anything she can't do. She loves horses just like I did as a girl and can draw amazingly.  Smart as a whip!
She's the love of my life. 
Trevor is just all around amazing, smart, funny, very handsome and loves my daughter with all his heart!  What more could a mother ask for!?!
Below is a pic of my son Colin. He is a bit younger here and we were at Kill Devil Hills, NC. We love it there, so does he. Another precious gift God gave me.
My son is so funny and will totally crack you up.  He loves to make facial expressions and tell jokes. He loves animals and is very gentle and caring. Not to mention very handsome indeed!

Colin has compassion for others that most people will never have.
 He is so smart and very creative, like his momma.   LOL!  We both love to sword fight with my kitchen spoons, when he gets mad I make faces or say silly things till he starts smiling.
He is just an amazing kid. 
He's the love of my life. 
 I am so blessed.

What a blessing it is to be a mother.
Sometimes its hard, sometimes heart breaking, most of the time is just plain wonderful,  but all in all, it is a gift God gave to women. 

If you don't have children, you still can be a mom, so many kids need love.

 So don't be afraid to share your heart.
Happy Mother's Day!!!

April 30, 2013

Making Annie Dollys are Like Potatoe Chips

I have become so in love with Annie dollys lately. I went through my black doll phase rather quickly, I'm sad to say, but Annie dollys have taken over my world and I can't seem to stop making them.  Below are 5 Annie dollys I have made for my booth here in Martinsburg, WV. Although I have not tucked them in the booth yet. I still need to paint it and get it ready for my girls!
I used vintage hankys for their aprons, with some vintage buttons too!

I bought an Annie dolly from a friend of mine in PA and she looks alot like the dollys on the left and right of the Annie with button eyes, just above. I fell in love with that doll and realized I had the pattern so off to the craft room to make one, well maybe 2, ok 3, awww heck how about 5 Annie dollys. You know their like potatoe chips you can't just make one!

So now I have 5 Annie dollys and 2 are more child like looking than the other 3, but that is just fine for me.  They are my favorites. Okay, so are the other 3 Annie's, awwww heck all of them are my favorites. LOL!
I love when a Annie dolly comes together and they turn out the way you want em too! I think I am in love with Annies for keeps.  Sounds like a great name for my booth. "Keepsake Annies".  Hum...I will think on that one.
Hope you are having a lovely week.
By for now!
Hugs, Cathy


February 21, 2013

Hello Dollys!

Hello Dollys

 Its been awhile since my last post. I have been busy making lots of dollys for wholesale and some retail.  Above is 2 of my Annies that where sold for wholesale. Aren't they cute. One holds a embroidered heart and the other a bunny!
 Now we can't forget my mice. Yep they are still a big hit and these mice headed off to PA several weeks ago.  You can go see them at Ole Crow Primitives in Fayetteville, PA.  They are holding Sweet Annie.
 Speaking of Sweet Annie, above is a dolly I have sent off to Prims. She will be making her debut sometime later this year. Isn't she darling! I love the giant bow. She wears lots of vintage lace and buttons.  Very dear indeed.
Last but not least is this darling Queen Valentine doll that I made for a very lovely lady named Karen.  She was a Special Order and she came out great. Big blue eyes and her sweet dove, they both are wearing crowns of course.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peak.  Now you know what I have been up to lately. Busy, busy, busy. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Take care and God bless.
Till next time,
John 3:16 For God so loved you he gave his only son so if you believe in him "Jesus" you will not persish, but have life everlasting!

January 13, 2013

Snow Days

Remember those snow days here in West Virginia way back when? That blizzard covered every inch of our world it seemed.
 My back porch that I loved was draped in its best winter white...
 My dog Triscuit could barely be seen in this amazingly deep snow.  Thank goodness he was black or we may have lost him, LOL!
 The snow was overwhelmingly deep, but delightfully beautiful. To the right of our yard was a really steep road, that was so much fun to go sledding on. Weeeeeee!!!!
 Our firefly light covered in winter's blanket of snow.
 I always feel so sorry for the poor birds. How do they stay warm?
 A neighbors house my friend and I always loved. We dreamed of the day we could go over and decorate it for him. It needed some pretty lace curtains and flowers everywhere. A very lovely home.
 A snow covered bunny longing for Spring I think.
My old back yard covered in snow. I have always loved when the sun would dance across the snow filled yard.  Sun and snow make the prettiest of pictures, soft and almost a warm and cozy feeling. I day dream a lot tee hee.
Thanks for sharing my memories with me. Maybe someday soon, we will get another big storm. It was so much fun to play in.
Have a wonderful, snow filled day...


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