April 30, 2013

Making Annie Dollys are Like Potatoe Chips

I have become so in love with Annie dollys lately. I went through my black doll phase rather quickly, I'm sad to say, but Annie dollys have taken over my world and I can't seem to stop making them.  Below are 5 Annie dollys I have made for my booth here in Martinsburg, WV. Although I have not tucked them in the booth yet. I still need to paint it and get it ready for my girls!
I used vintage hankys for their aprons, with some vintage buttons too!

I bought an Annie dolly from a friend of mine in PA and she looks alot like the dollys on the left and right of the Annie with button eyes, just above. I fell in love with that doll and realized I had the pattern so off to the craft room to make one, well maybe 2, ok 3, awww heck how about 5 Annie dollys. You know their like potatoe chips you can't just make one!

So now I have 5 Annie dollys and 2 are more child like looking than the other 3, but that is just fine for me.  They are my favorites. Okay, so are the other 3 Annie's, awwww heck all of them are my favorites. LOL!
I love when a Annie dolly comes together and they turn out the way you want em too! I think I am in love with Annies for keeps.  Sounds like a great name for my booth. "Keepsake Annies".  Hum...I will think on that one.
Hope you are having a lovely week.
By for now!
Hugs, Cathy



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