October 15, 2011

Where are you going?

I hate to repeat this one more time, but it has been a long time since I have posted. Way, way longer than it should ever have been. I have moved. The house we moved into is wonderful. It isn't old and huge and right on a corner so the noise is almost unbarable. It is a wonderful, little house, athough still in the city. Not so much fun. God has been amazing and he opened this door up for us to move here. We have a wonderful landlord and so far, great neighbors. Even though it is still in the city, it is good. I will get some pictures of this sweet house in the next post so you can see how darling it is. It is what they call a bungalow and I just love it.

Well, the beauty in all this is that God has opened doors for me to start wholesaling my dolls. I am excited and a bit nervous but still happy these doors are opening up. Below is one of my wholesale dolls and he is up for sale but as a wholesale doll. You would have to have a brick and mortar store or an online store in order to purchase him wholesale. Otherwise he can be bought retail for $38.99. Just email me if you are interested in him.

No matter what I am pleased that these wholesale doors are opening up and am glad to be going somewhere with my business. I already have 2 stores I'm wholesaling with and hopefully more on the way.

Well I am hoping and praying that God will open doors for you and bring you what your heart desires for you and your family's future. God bless. Cathy


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