September 1, 2011

We moved. Yeah its true. It's one of the main reasons I haven't posted or made and dollys. We finally found a house and I give God all the glory. Here's the story.

I had been looking for a house to rent for over a month. I road around my neighborhood, checked out Craigs List almost daily, newspaper searched and more. I was getting discouraged. Many folks wanted tons of $$$ for us to move in, others wanted nothing to do with us since we had dogs, especially a Rottwiler. (big chickens) I prayed on day to the Lord and said "Lord I am doing my part, searching and praying, when am I going to find a house.

A week later, my friend Alice, (who describes herself as 3 years from 90) asked me if I had found a house yet. "Ah no I replied". She told me she might know of one and then hurried off to her car. I didn't think anything about it most of the day. Later that evening, I got a call from who else, but Alice. "I think I have a house for you, can you come right over"? "Sure" I said and headed right over. Alice took my hand and we walked up the street together as she told me about this lovely house and landlord. I had seen this house before, but thought nothing of it.

When I entered the house, my mouth dropped open. it had arched doorways, french doors, two bathrooms with TUBS!!! Yea, I haven't had a bath in 7 years (our old house only had a nasty old shower). A sweet breakfast nook and a lovely fenced yard.


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