January 19, 2012


Once upon a time in a land far away, lived a magical publishing company called Stampinton & Co. One day I got a email from a very nice princess named Jennifer. She asked if my Princess Lilly and Bunny and her Egg would like to visit them? "I don't know" I exclaimed. "Let me ask them".  They squealed with delight. Not to mention all the jumping around they did, but they told me not to say that. Shhhh! LOL!
So off they went, a little nervous but sooooo excited to meet all their new friends and see what Jennifer had in store for them. As the post man whisked them away, a tear of joy and just a tiny bit of sorrow, fell from my eye. But I knew this was their destiny.

Time pasted, it seemed like forever that my fair friends had been gone. But suddenly, an email came from Jennifer. "They have arrived and we are now photographing this lovely ladies". I was so excited for them.

Yes, it is true, my Princess Lilly and Bunny and her Egg got published! I am so very proud and grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Jennifer and Stampinton and Co.
It is a great honor and privilege.


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