July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing you a safe, happy, fun filled day! Lets not forget why we celebrate such an amazing day though! We are the "Land of the Free" because of our men and women who serve and have given their lives for our freedom!

 Last but not least, our God blessed America!
(Bottled Up Designs photo via facebook)

Never forget, always be greatful!
Thank you for your sacrifice men and women
our armed forces!
Thank you our heavenly Father for your
your precious son
who gave his life so we may live life

July 3, 2013

2 Alien Monsters who fell from Outer Space!

Not to worry, these are sweet and soft Alien Monsters.
I have been working for well over a month on the Polkadot Angel Project and had been making the same type of doll everyday. I needed a creative outlet. So off I went to the craft room with some very wild ideas.  Once I sketched out my design and copied it, I traced it onto the fabric and started the process of creating a "Monster"!!!  Eeek!  Now my plan was to use this design for the Polkadot Angel project but it became to complicated...sniff!
 My first design was to have the arms sewn onto the front of the body. Although I liked this idea, I didn't really like the results.  But he is still cute though. I used minky fabric which has a soft, plush feel to it and great for kids to cuddle with.

Now for the Purple People Eater. Oh I mean the sweet, soft people squeezer!  That's better, we don't want to scare the kids.  This guy is just a dolly! LOL! I mean he is so sweet and bright and cheery you just gotta love him even if he is from outer space.

  Using fleece for his body, which is so very soft, I also sewed on bright cheery fabric and added arms that look a bit more natural.  I sewed on a  vintage button for his nose and added a  cute flower patch for his eye. Last but not least, I added some orange, alien fur (wool roving) just for a bit more sparkle.   He's a colorful kind of fellow, wouldn't you say!
 They play well  together and they didn't push each other to much so I could get this photo. There are more Alien Monsters from Outer Space coming and  I plan on making a pattern for this darling monster too.  They will be available here on this blog in the near future, as well as my Etsy shop:
on my facebook page:
Hey, thanks for stopping by and hope you'll come back for more
 "Alien Monsters from Outer Space"!
(said in a very loud voice, LOL!)
God bless!


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