March 30, 2009

It's later than you think, April 1st at Humble Arts

Is it time to love? Who would you love if you could? Your husband, children, precious pet? It's later than you think, so hurry and visit the Humble on April 1st and take a look and see what this chain of love is attached to. Could it be you?

Flutter on over to Arts a Flutter April 1st

What flys and has eggs in it's pouch? You can find the answer to that question on April 1st at Flutter on over and take a look. You only get to peak today, but this Wednesday the question will be answered. Shhhh!!! It's a secret. Can you guess?

March 29, 2009

Humble Arts April Offering

This is my offering for the Humble Arts for April. She is approx. 26" tall and very light for as tall as she is. I hand stitched her face and shaded around her eyes. You can't see her bag (gotta go to HARTs on April 1st) but lots of vintage buttons attached and it has some lavender potpourri tucked inside. Polka dots adorn her torso and she has been antiqued with my coffee dye mixture. Her skirt is made from an old pillow case with hand crochet lace. Made from lots of vintage lace finds, she will look fabulous anywhere or in any styled home you may have. This is a "Hootin' Annies" pattern, created by me, Cathy Gray. So come visit us April 1st and see what wonderful offerings we have for you there. God bless.

March 17, 2009

Give CREDIT where it is due

Okay I'm not one to complain but today I am. I have noticed lately when I browse some of my favorite sites that gals are not giving credit where it is due. When you use another designer's pattern, you need to give the credit for that designer who originally created it. Now I am one to totally understand forgetting to do that. I had created a doll and forgot to put the designer's name. Even though I had sold that doll, I went back when I discovered my error and placed the designers name in the description.

Folks, creating a doll pattern from scratch takes a long time, a lot of work and a great deal of thinking. Not only does it take time but sometimes we designers have to go back and redo the pattern over and over to get it right. Some of my patterns have taken a week to create because I was not satisfied with how it came out and most of mine are simple, not as complicated as many of the others I have seen and used.

Above are some examples of dolls and items that have been made without credit given to the designer. Venus Mercantile created that wonderful bunny pattern and I created the nosegays. My nosegays were copied on a site that I am on and even though they are not copywrited I thought it was in poor taste to be so obvious about it. I have had several of my creations being sold and copied with no credit given to me. I have also found on other sites dolls that I new who the designer was but the creator of that doll made no mention of that designer, therefore inadvertently taking the whole credit.

I encourage you to not be afraid to give the credit where it is due. Why you ask, because it shows that you are a professional, that you respect your peers and that you would not want this to happen to you if you became proficient enough to create a doll pattern. I do understand that we all take bits and pieces from other artists, many are my muse for certain. One doll designer, Kentucky Primitives (one of my many favs) makes mice, I LOVE HER MICE ( I own one of her mice) but my mouse that I created after purchasing hers, does not look like hers at all. But she is my muse, my inspiration.

So, let those of you that you admire, inspire, not copy or take all the credit for a piece that you made, if you used another designer's pattern. Thank you!

March 11, 2009

Blessings are the gifts that come free! Photo by: Lauren Gray, age 16

Being Thankful

Just a few minutes ago I read about a woman who was getting married and how all the details had gotten the best of her. How she worried about what her husband would think about the dress, if he would like it or not. She stressed and stressed over that. Her husband replied that none of that mattered. What really mattered to him was that if she really loved him and would stay faithful and would continue to work on what really mattered with the Lord and their marriage. (see "Internet Devotions on the right for more)

This was such a wake up call to me. Because I have stressed and stressed over this and that and have forgotten what really matters, not my business, not getting kudos from my customers (although I really appreciate it really do), not getting everything I think important done in my day, but focusing on what really matters...the Lord. I run to and fro and forget what He has done for me and sometimes I treat Him like "what have you done for me lately kinda God". But when I give it to Him and realize how much He HAS already done for me, I am thankful. I have been so blessed. I can't say that things here at my home are good all the time. Sometimes they are very rough. Living with an unsaved husband is very, very hard. We ARE on OPPOSITE sides of the fence most of the time. But God has my best interest at heart, no matter what my home situation is or business outcome is. He is blessing it for sure. He has brought folks into my life to help me along and they have. He is blessing my life even though it is hard here at home sometimes.

So I say take a moment and reflect on His wondrous grace, gifts, love and salvation Stroll outside and look at the sky, the trees, the wildlife and even the weather, warm or cool. It is all a gift. Thank Him. God bless. Photo by: Lauren Gray, age 16

March 1, 2009

Make a Wish!

Fairies are a skittish lot. They are not prone to being found out in the open. They have been captured and stuck in a jar to be viewed for only a moment then left on someones shelf for days until their fair sisters with wings comes to rescue them. Others have been captured for their special magical powers. Then once the captor has finished with them, they are tossed aside like last night's trash. Never to be seen again.

It is by this fairy's wish that she came to me. I did not capture her, she came willingly. Fairies know your heart, they can tell by the way you treat your animals and children if you are worthy of meeting them. Then they are willing to share the gift that they were born with. This fairy is a "Make a Wish" fairy. She has come to me and offered me a wish. I am glad to know that my love for my children and animals has given me this blessing. "My wish must be happy" she says. So that is what I will do. My wish is for you to visit her at the "Humble Arts" today and see all the wonderful offerings that have been listed there. It is a special place full of wonder and delight. Won't you come over for a visit?!? You are always welcome there! God bless.


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