March 11, 2009

Being Thankful

Just a few minutes ago I read about a woman who was getting married and how all the details had gotten the best of her. How she worried about what her husband would think about the dress, if he would like it or not. She stressed and stressed over that. Her husband replied that none of that mattered. What really mattered to him was that if she really loved him and would stay faithful and would continue to work on what really mattered with the Lord and their marriage. (see "Internet Devotions on the right for more)

This was such a wake up call to me. Because I have stressed and stressed over this and that and have forgotten what really matters, not my business, not getting kudos from my customers (although I really appreciate it really do), not getting everything I think important done in my day, but focusing on what really matters...the Lord. I run to and fro and forget what He has done for me and sometimes I treat Him like "what have you done for me lately kinda God". But when I give it to Him and realize how much He HAS already done for me, I am thankful. I have been so blessed. I can't say that things here at my home are good all the time. Sometimes they are very rough. Living with an unsaved husband is very, very hard. We ARE on OPPOSITE sides of the fence most of the time. But God has my best interest at heart, no matter what my home situation is or business outcome is. He is blessing it for sure. He has brought folks into my life to help me along and they have. He is blessing my life even though it is hard here at home sometimes.

So I say take a moment and reflect on His wondrous grace, gifts, love and salvation Stroll outside and look at the sky, the trees, the wildlife and even the weather, warm or cool. It is all a gift. Thank Him. God bless. Photo by: Lauren Gray, age 16


Sherry's Cabin said...

Beautiful thoughts and beautiful pictures. God is truly awe-inspiring. You hang in there and let God work miracles through you. Your hubs will jump that fence one of these days.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Amen darlin', Amen. We all need to be thankful for our blessins' no matter how large or small.
Have faith. In time your hubs will come around. :> )


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