October 15, 2015

Early Work Mercantile - For Sale

Kris Kringle
Meet Kris Kringle. He is a stump Santa and is weighted to stand alone. I made him with aged muslin and his jacket is flannel.  You can find Kris Kringle here: Source
 Edmund the Snowman is also found for sale on Early Work Mercantile.  He is made from painted and aged Osnaburg fabric!
Found here: Source
Old Nicholas
Old Nicholas is also found on Early Work Mercantile for sale. They are  a prim bunch indeed!
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October 2, 2015

Ree Drummand of the Pioneer Woman has a new line of kitchenware

When I went to Walmart yesterday, I discovered that Ree Drummand of the Pioneer Woman (a cooking show host) has a new line of kitchenware.  Many of the cooking show hosts get their own line of kitchenware and most of it I don't like, not because of quality, but because of design.
But when I discovered Ree's new line, I nearly flipped. Not only was it beautiful but so colorful and well thought out. It's design is more kitchy and 1950' retro and just a fun line all around.
 I purchased this darling, but large, mixing bowl and I just love it. The colors are bright and vibrant and it has a nice weight to it, not to heavy but just right. It holds my utensils for now. LOVE IT!!!
I could only buy a few pieces yesterday as I have other bills to pay and couldn't go wild and buy all the lovely pieces I wanted. So what's a girl to do you ask? I went on Walmart.com and checked her line out. I also started looking at the reviews. I HIGHLY recommend you do that before you buy. Some folks were disappointed and it was mainly with the dishes with the flowers and red boarder. Of course, those where my favorites. 

 These dishes are so much prettier in person and when I read the reviews I could have cried. Lots of chipping, discoloration and they don't do well in the dishwasher are some of the complaints. Boo hoo, sniff! So I will just get those plates in the bread plate size as that size won't be used every day but will be pretty at a dinner party with much less use.
Her cookware got GREAT reviews and they said good, even heat distribution and easy care. Awesome!!!
This is a 4 quart dutch oven and comes in 4 colors.  It got great reviews.

 The cowgirl lace plates got great reviews and her other solid color plates also got good/great reviews. These plates come in 4 colors, teal, white, red and brown.  I'm a red girl so red it will be.

These darling drink dispensers got fair to good reviews but the complaint was mostly of not getting both sets of lids, as it comes with 2 different styles silver and printed. No real complaints about the quality, they all loved it and this piece has 2 different uses as you can use the base for ice and soda pop chilling.  (see Walmart for a pic of the other display)
Over all Ree Drummand's new kitchen line has great reviews.  There were so many things she offered I couldn't get pics of all of it. But she also had a cake stand which is in the banners but nowhere to be found to purchase online, that's a Walmart error not hers.  I did see it at the Walmart store and it is beautiful and so 50's.  Love it and going to buy it as soon as I can!
Don't forget Ree has cookbooks available too! I know,  I sound like an advertisement for Ree's new line but it's so lovely I couldn't help myself. LOL!
All of Ree's new line is very affordable and you can now put any of the bigger items on layaway at Walmart since it is the Christmas season.
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