January 13, 2013

Snow Days

Remember those snow days here in West Virginia way back when? That blizzard covered every inch of our world it seemed.
 My back porch that I loved was draped in its best winter white...
 My dog Triscuit could barely be seen in this amazingly deep snow.  Thank goodness he was black or we may have lost him, LOL!
 The snow was overwhelmingly deep, but delightfully beautiful. To the right of our yard was a really steep road, that was so much fun to go sledding on. Weeeeeee!!!!
 Our firefly light covered in winter's blanket of snow.
 I always feel so sorry for the poor birds. How do they stay warm?
 A neighbors house my friend and I always loved. We dreamed of the day we could go over and decorate it for him. It needed some pretty lace curtains and flowers everywhere. A very lovely home.
 A snow covered bunny longing for Spring I think.
My old back yard covered in snow. I have always loved when the sun would dance across the snow filled yard.  Sun and snow make the prettiest of pictures, soft and almost a warm and cozy feeling. I day dream a lot tee hee.
Thanks for sharing my memories with me. Maybe someday soon, we will get another big storm. It was so much fun to play in.
Have a wonderful, snow filled day...


The Comfort of a Safe Place said...

Oh how I love the snow! Your photos look soooo pretty and bright!

I do have an all-white dog, a Maltese, and he does get lost in the snow - unless you see his coal-black nose!! My other 2 dogs (pups as we call all 3) are a mostly black Havanese and a Grey/White Toy Poodle...all kind of little dogs and oh how they love the snow!


Chubby Chieque said...

Oh! likewise in Stockholm, Sweden.

I found your blog from Vicki 2 Bags Full.

Happy to meet you. I have problem to link and follow right now. I just got a new lappy and it is not easy to adapt.

Is there you can do it for me? TY in advance and hope to be friend with you.

Happy pre-week,
/CC girl

Nikki said...

Hey! I'm just popping by from the grow your blog party :) what lovely pictures! I love the firefly covered in snow, so pretty! We had a lot of snow here in England today but I live by the seaside where the weather seems to change often so I think it will be gone by tomorrow :(

Erika Nittel-Traser said...

Hello! I'm jumping by from the grow your blog Party, too! A lot of snow is in your country. Here in Germany is no snow actually. Our little Black dog lover snow, like yours. Sending greetings and a big hug -Erika

RoseMary said...

I live in NE Ohio and I love the snow also. I am in Grow your Blog.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Love your snow days as we have not had much snow so far this winter. I am looking forward to when we do...cross my fingers. So nice to meet you here through the Grow Your Blog party.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

all those feathers & they can puff them out & really look cute. they fly around? good question. please stop by my blog. have a great weekend. take care. ( :

Countrywoman said...

Im so glad here in texas we havent had snow like that.

Sandra Kaye said...

Very sweet dolls...Im a new follower!!


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