February 17, 2009

Meet Iva Mouse

Good morning. Meet Iva mouse. She is my latest prim mousy that has sold just recently on Lemon Poppy Seeds. Everyone seems to really like these little gals. I was looking through some other sites and saw how fast these mice were selling and just loved their sweet little faces, so I new why. So off I went to my attic to create Iva mouse. Iva mouse is cousin to Betsy mouse, who sold just as fast. Hum....I think I will be making more mice. My next mouse will be a birthday mouse, clown like. I want to offer that one on my Humble Arts site. So I will keep you posted. Squeak, Squeak, does anybody have some cheese? LOL!

1 comment:

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

What a lil' sweetheart!! I love her!
I've got mice in my attic but I would much rather have yours!! :> )


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