February 3, 2009

Getttin' old ait for sissys! Betty Davis

I think that statement is so true. I am adult sitting my mom now. She is 75 and having severe back problems. It is so hard to sit here and watch her in pain and taking medication that doesn't seem to help, even though it is some of the strongest pain meds on the market. She can barely do anything and it is breaking my heart. This is a very sufficent woman, she was very capable of doing just about anything and smart as a whip. But the pain is winning. We are taking her to the specialist for the back pain, she has a compressed fracture. She is getting an MRI Thursday and we will see what happens from there. To watch someone you love in so much pain, the feeling of helplessness is just overwhelming . You want to do everything for them, even take the pain away if you could but this is life.....sometimes.

I don't mean to be so blue today, but I feel if I don't get it out, I may explode. So as I get older and my aches and pains start, I try to remember that one day they will be no more. One day I will be with my heavenly father and all those hurts, phyiscal and mental will be gone to be remembered no more. That is the hope I have for my mom. She is not ready to go, she just wants to get well. So if you have a moment today, please say a prayer for her. Have a beautiful day!

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