February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hi Ladies,

Today is the day of Looooooooooove!!! Do you feel it?!? We should be kissin' and a huggin' everybody we know today! It's time to show all those that matter in your life how much you care. It's not that we don't care more for them today, it's just that we get to be really mushy with the ones we looooooove especially today! I like that. It's a great option and I plan on smoochin' everybody I can, especially my son who tells me regularly "no kissy, no huggy". Yep, that's my boy. He doesn't like that mushy stuff but he is not gettin' off the hook that easily today, no sir!!! I wll be kissin' him all day long and stealin' a hug or two.

My daughter is just the opposite, she is very huggy and kissy even at 16 years old. Well, not as much as she used to be, but still lovey for sure.

My dogs and cat are always lovey and I get plenty of licks from them especially when I have food in my hands. LOL! So I hope your day is wonderful and you get plenty of "kissys and huggys" and be full of the looooooooooooooove thing. Happy Valentines Day!!!

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