February 10, 2009

Can my business grow?

This morning as I read through "Where Women Create" and processed how these women became so successful I pondered my plight, "can I too be as successful"? I want to know if it is possible for me. It seems that every time I push to get my business off the ground something major happens in my life and I get side tracked. Last year I lost my dad, this year my mother is very ill and in the hospital. Dare I say "what next"? If I can't be up in my craft room working, then nothing is getting done, therefore no chance of my business growing. Feeling a bit frustrated today.

The how, what, where, why and who's are running through my mind. How do I move my business forward, what do I need to do to make money to help my family, where do I begin, why can't I get this business moving and who's shop or magazine or on-line site should I advertise on? I know I'm not the only one who has contemplated these questions. But it is constantly running through my mind. God seems to be increasing my skill level, thank you Lord, but if I can't move my business out of the attic, so to speak, then what good is this new found skill?

It is true, I am inpatient for sure. I want it now but I have viable reasons for that. My husband is out of work and has been for some time. My mom is in the hospital and now my daughter has the flu. I am needed home not at work somewhere. But I need to make the cold hard cash $$$. So time to stop complaining and hit my knees and talk to the Lord. These are hard times and many people are in my boat. So I'm not rowing alone for sure. So it's time to trust that God has my business in his hands and it will move forward in his time not mine. Lord help me to trust you and believe this love for what I do and these new skills are not in vain. Amen.


Cookie said...

I'm sitting here nodding in agreement with everything you have said.
You know, God is still and always in control... through the hearty times and the lean. It's our command to trust and obey. Not an easy thing to do - but in the end, it's what we only know how to do!
Love your blog

Deena Davis said...

It's hard to manage sometimes, that's for sure, but you're doing the right thing by asking God to lead you. Hang in there and "listen". He's given you the talent, he'll give you the time too.

Blogger said...

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