September 22, 2012

Wholesale Dolls Sneak Peak

What I Been Working On
 Its no surprise that I have been working on Christmas dolls for wholesale. Many of you know that.  So I have decided to share some pics of them.  These are a few pics of my Santa Stump Dolls. (Hidden in the Attic pattern)

 Here is a Santa in cream color.  I love Santa in the cream color, oooh la la!
Below are my snowmen ornies all are aged with coffee and a spice mix. They are my pattern and design.  These are pretty big for an ornie.
This guy below is another one of my patterns, (soon to be made into a pattern).  I like his sleepy eyes. I have decided he speaks with a British accent, kinda like this "well, pip pip and all that sort of thing" .  Maybe I should get out more, LOL!
I also made him with a cap hat from flannel, but didn't slip a pic of that in here. I am almost finished with my wholesale orders.  I will do some wholesale but want to scale back so I can venture back into paperclay dolls again in the vintage style with laces, printed fabrics, antique trims and more.
I hope you enjoyed peeking at my wholesale dollies.  We wholesalers have to finish up the holiday dolls way in advance. I need to play more Christmas music.  Okay, just kidding.
Hope you can stop by for a visit again.
Till next time, God bless!

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Barbara Jean said...

I'm enjoying so many of your posts.=)

will not leave more comments for awhile.. word verification very hard for me to read...I keep turning letters around.. =)



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