September 13, 2012

It Autumn Time Again

Autumn, My Favorite Time of Year!
 These are pics of West Virginia (pics complements of our Tourist Guide) where I live. Aren't they amazing. I love it here and  especially like Autumn. There is no other season like it. Deep, rich reds, blackened greens, sun kissed  yellows, multi-colored blues, and weathered browns all create an eye popping display of God's handywork.  When the wind blows the trees sway to the symphony of the leaves rustling and swirling around and birds singing of Autumn's arrival.

I love the smell of the cherry wood burning from a cabin, the hint of freshly fallen leaves on the ground and the weather getting colder. Are you ready for hot chocolate, warm comfort foods, and marshmallows? I have to say I am.  Take a walk outside in the woods, ride your bike down a path covered by a canopy of multi-colored leaves or by a river drenched in Autumn's magnificent glory.
Hope to see you on the path this Fall.
God bless you. Cathy

1 comment:

Shell said...

So pretty! I took some pretty pics of Washington Sat at sunset,,,on my blog if you want a peak!

Gorgeous here today too,,Thanks for sharing!


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