July 27, 2012

Pinterest Recipes

Pinterest Recipes

Yep, I have been going onto Pinterest for about 1 month now. I have not really been interested in the food. Well, up till now. This is my first two recipes I tried off of Pinterest.com.  They tasted so fantastic and I was amazed at the outcome.  You see, I'm not much of a cook. I use alot of boxed foods, easy to prepare, very bad for your body.  One day after my husband brought in his garden bounty of zucchini, tomotoes, onions and more,  I thought "hey, I better find a way to use this stuff or it will go bad".   So off to Pinterest.com I went...

 I am a chicken in the kitchen so my recipes that I use have to be simple or forget it and these were very simple. On the left is a zucchini recipe that included: zucchini, tomatoes, onions, parmesan cheese, home made croutons (yeah I made it. LOL!) salt/pepper, garlic and walla! Yummy! Here's the link for the recipe: http://prouditaliancook.blogspot.com/2010/08/zucchini-tomato-gratin.html .  If you love Italian food your gonna love this chef's recipes. Yum! (oh see how I love red/white, just had to remind you of that, tee, hee)
 This chicken recipe is simply brown mustard, honey, garlic, salt/pepper,  then grilled. Here let the chef tell you how to prepare it.  Here's her link:http://www.sixsistersstuff.com/2012/02/grilled-honey-mustard-chicken-recipe.html  Go check her out, great recipes!
This pic above is the left over chicken from the other night.  It was so tasty in my salad. This salad is a mix of left over grilled chicken, tomatoes, red onion, lettus and cucumber.  Plus I grated parmesan cheese in it too! If you can, shred your cheese, it is so much fresher tasting and usually better quality than pre-shredded cheeses. 

Well that is it for now. Hope you can check out Pinterest.com and be inspired.
I know it has inspired me. 

Till next time.  Happy dinning!

God bless, Cathy

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