July 13, 2012

He Does Answer Prayer

Most of you that have followed my blog know of the ups and downs I have experienced as a co-depedant to an alcoholic. It has not been pretty for most of my posts.  My dreary, dark blog has set the pace for how I have lived most of my entire married life.  But God is good.  Over a year ago I stepped into a little church on a hill with no expectations.   My friend Carolyn,  whom God has used in my life so many dark and broken times, had invited me to this tiny little church.  When I walked in and we started singing and worshipping God, I could feel such love over take me.  Not the kind that makes you wild and crazy but a peaceful, warm reassuring kind.  It was God.  I have soooo many stories to tell you but want to share this. 

God spoke to a man named Gene and told him to start praying for my husband and he did regularly.  My church started praying for my husband regularly as well as praying for my family.  My husband started to come to church...regularly, even though he was still drinking.  Satan had his grip.  I began to cry out to God.  My neighbor down the street named Alice (we all call her St. Alice) started ministering to me on how to love my husband inspite of his addiction...that was hard, but I saw changes, good changes. Still the drinking continued.

God works in mysterious ways...don't you agree?!? I have been asked not to publicly say what stopped my husband's drinking, but it has stopped and for quite sometime now.  He is growing in the Lord, reading his bible, going to church.  Our marriage is much better. God is good and He answers prayer. 

I want you to know that God wants the best for you, that's right, YOU! He doesn't wish harm on you, or delight in bad things happening to you.  He's just waiting,waiting for you to simply ask Him for help.  If you are a parent you know you love helping your children, God is no different.  So I pray today that you will ask Him for His help.   Tell Him what you need, the heart ache you feel or the loneliness that overcomes you.  When you ask Him for His help, believe He will help, just like your little children or grandchildren look up to you with their big, trusting eyes,  thats what God wants from you.  Then some day soon, you will be writing a post like mine.

More to come...by for now, 

Hugs, Cathy

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Cabin Fever Primitives said...

Amazing Cathy, I am so happy for you. His enduring Promise is always there, we just need to open our hearts to receive it. Hugs to you girlfriend, I admire your courage, it would have been so easy to run but you stayed and fought the battle. Praise Be To The Lord Our God always and forever.


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