May 25, 2011

OBX here we come

Doesn't this look so inviting?!? This path is calling out for you to walk down it and in 2 days, that is exactly what my family and I will do.

I have walked on, under and stood on many Outer Bank piers before, they are so relaxing!

I have been to this Cape Hatteras light house and it is magnificent and huge. It is the largest light house in the nation and can be seen 20 miles out to sea. It warns the sailors of the treacherous shallow sandbars which extend 14 miles out to sea.

We are staying at Kill Devil Hills and I hope to take my son and his friend to visit the Wright Brothers museum. Orville and Wilber Wright flew the first powered airplane at Kill Devil Hills, NC. It lasted 12 seconds and fly 120 ft. Hope we get to visit the museum for more history. I'm sure the boys will love it. LOL!

These are the OBX ponies whose decendents landed on this Island several hundred years ago. They are called Banker Ponies of Ocracoke and legend has it that they were left here by shipwrecked explorers possibly when Sir Richard Grenville's ship wrecked in 1565. They lived through many a hurricane, which I find amazing, they are tough little horses. I have never got to see them and probably won't this time either, since it is a short stay. But I plan on returning to OBX and this is my next stop in the future. Love these sweet ponies.

This mini vacation is very needed since we are going through a very tough time right now. Bankruptcy and foreclosure has taken its toll on my nerves and I need a break and change of scenery. Will be back on Monday next week, hopefully refreshed and ready for new challenges. Have a safe and wonderful Memorial weekend everybody.

Hugs, Cathy

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Linda said...

I sincerely wish you all a lovely time and a good break and some relaxation. hang in there.
The scenery is beautiful.
Linda :)


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