June 13, 2010

A Beautiful Blogger Award

Wow I am so very honored to receive this wonderful award from Jan at www.jansartyactjourney.blogspot.com. She was so kind to give me one of these fabulous awards and God bless her she gave it to me earlier this week and I being partly senile (hee hee) totally spaced it. OMGosh!!!!!!

I am supposed to tell you ten things about myself. Well, lets see if I can remember. LOL!

1. I love to create dolls, any type will do and I love to try new fabrics even if I fail miserably with it. (does that count as two????)

2. I love mixed media art and wish oh boy do I wish I had more time to dive right into it. It is so exciting and freeing to me. Talk about self expression!

3. Oh,no I'm forgetting already. Ugh! Oh yeah, um I love vintage textiles, hankys, lace, table scarfs, doilies anything old and vintage will do. I love to work with them and have quite a stash. Oh I have all my ideas for those, if I could just get them out of my head and onto the sewing machine, wow.

4. Fairies have always been my favorite doll, yes really. Maybe you find that strange since I have done prims for so long. But it is true and I am working on my first fairy art doll as we speak.

5. Love birds, butterflys, sparrows, kitty cats, dogs (have two) and HORSES.

6. Glitter is fastly becoming my best friend.

7. Love the Lord Jesus although I put him in the back seat WAY TO OFTEN!

8. Love my kids with all my heart

9. Love you wonderful gals who visit me and are willing to open up about your lives freely, that is dear to me.

10. Would love to never leave my art room ever, just for food. If I had a bed up there and a fridge oh boy, what bliss that would be.

Jan, thank you for your kindness and being so sweet to share this with me. Please don't hesitate to (cut and paste her address) and visit her right away at:www.jansartyactjourney.blogspot.com. You won't be disappointed EVER!

God bless all. Cathy


Ewe-N-Me said...

Awesome Cathy! So great to read about you.

PatC - All is Bright said...

Congrats! And I may I say you so deserve it! Great blog and fantastic crafts that you put together.

Shelly said...

You forgot the left handed and right brained part! : )

Thanks for your lovely email!

I see that "Button" of Karen's in the sidebar and my tummy does a flip flop! I have TON of work to do this week! I don't want to win any prizes,,,,,just make it cute and functional! No crafting for moi this week....just gallons of paint and organizing!

Congrats and talk soon!


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