June 11, 2010

Bella the Butterfly Fairy - OOAK

I decided to revamp this sweet mixed media fairy. I was not happy with the original way she looked. So I took off her little rag cap and made her a crown. She has a darling face doesn't she.

This is her story. "She carries the nest ever so sweetly. Careful not to tip it in anyway. Sweet is the song her bird sings and she must put the nest in the safest of places.

Bella flys to the highest branch and gently places her sweet bird and nest securely on it. She whispers "stay safe sweet bird" and flys to her home in the deep woods.

All that matters to her she carries in her pouch. Tiny treasures of old and new. A bit of lace, a gold wing, a sweet story page, two eggs and a ticket to fly away. Each treasure is from a special place that she holds in her heart till now."

This mixed media piece is on my Etsy site (go to side bar and click on Etsy site). She is made of wood, fabric, paper, is stamped, buttons, antique lace and more. Loved revamping this piece, she is now ready to fly away.

God bless. Cathy


Shelly said...

She's Very Sweet! I love the way you embellished her!

Still covered in paint and working on my studio! I want to craft something but the place looks like a bomb went off!

Have a great weekend, I'll be working, but I love my "Joyworks" job!


Debby said...

She is so sweet, love what you have done.


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