June 30, 2010

Getting Better and New Offerings on LPS

Hi gals, thought I would give you an update on my health situation. I am on the mend, do not have an infection, hooray. Just taking a bit longer to recover, I keep trying to do things around the house and it puts me back on the sofa, grrrr!!! So I am still trying to take it a bit easy. But getting better.

I have had some of these dollies somewhat finished before surgery and decided, (since I can't drive or do much else) to finish them up. This is Helga Witch and she is to be listed on Lemon Poppy Seeds tomorrow. Her smile kinda reminds you of the Grinch huh?!? You can see the full version of her July 1st Thursday.

This is Tilly the Field Mouse. Sooooooooo loves her flowers, the field has so many to chose from but these will do today. She too can be found on LPS July 1st.

Suzie the Field Mouse is almost 5" not including her tail of course. She loves going to the field to pick flowers and she can be found on LPS July 1st, tomorrow.

Thanks for taking a gander at my new offerings. Hope you like them. Thanks for ALL YOUR PRAYERS AND HEART FELT CONCERN, it has meant the world to me. God bless. Cathy


Baggaraggs: said...

So Glad that you are better. I love your new stuff, The mice are fab!!! but you always make the best mice. Hugs, Robin

~*~ Sandy ~*~ said...

There you are! Woot! Glad to see you posting! :) I'm settling in nicely and getting back into blogging *gasps* Yeppers!
I love your creations!


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