March 22, 2010

Two of My Greatest Achievements

These are two of my greatest achievements. I know that all you moms will say the same about your kids too! My daughter Lauren is 17 now. Where did all that time fly off too??? Does anybody know?!? My son Colin is 9. Aren't they darling together. Yes this is a Kodak moment and a rarity. My son is camera shy so getting him to pose for the picture is like pulling teeth. Maybe if he stood still long enough I might get better shots of him...LOL!

My son is Mr. SMOOOOOOOTH! No really. One day while watching TV, the show said "my sister is the prettiest girl". Well, my son immediately replied. Nun ah, my sister is the prettiest and the smartest". So mom's hold on tight to your girls. Hee, hee.

My daughter is brilliant. No she really is. Her artistic talent will outshine me by miles and in a future post I will show off some of her drawings. I never could draw. I can paint some, but not draw. She can really draw. I have tried repeatedly to get her off to a art school but for some reason she won't go. She is a stubborn thing.

My son is a real jokester. He has a great sense of humor and loves to ride dirt bikes. (Notice the dirt bike tire on his shirt) He is quite the dare devil with them and at times, I couldn't look when he would hit a jump and fly 20ft in the air. Oh, Lord please protect this boy.

God has blessed me with to wonderful, smart, funny and creative kids. He has allowed me to enjoy them and I am thankful to have them in my life.

Hugs, Cathy

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Debby said...

What a great post, your children are beautiful.


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