June 21, 2009

Blessings from Fathers

This is my husband. Can you tell what he loves to do the most. No, it's not working, nor is it gardening all though he does like that. He loves to fish. Is there anything else in life?!? He is always catching fish even when the other guys he goes with don't. He's got the touch. The man below is my father. He passed away two years ago. My grandfather died on Fathers Day 16 years ago.

Do I missed them, you bet. But I have such wonderful memories of both of them. My dad loved to horse around with the kids. He would play ball, cowbows and Indians, even barbie and all babies, bar none, bounced on top of his knees. My grandfather was a story teller and quite a good one. He always new how to bait and hook you in a story and bam he'd get you at the end of the story. Everybody would always laugh. He used to tell the same story to my dad over and over but tell it a different way each time and always have the same ending. My grandad and father always had a great sense of humor.

Here my dad is playing monster. You can't hear the roaring from him, but my kids and all adults alike would laugh and run!

This is my family when we went to Hatteras Island. It was wonderful. I want to move there. Can we go now.

This is what all fathers should be doing with their kids today! Not necessarily fishing, not all like to fish, but spending time with the blessings God gave them. This is a father's opportunity to share what he knows, enjoy the laughter of a child and ask God to help him grow in wisdom and grace. My husband is very smart. He is good at anything he puts his mind to! He loves his kids. Happy Fathers Day!


Baggaraggs: said...

What a great looking Family you have. Hope you all had a great weekend. Hugs, Robin

AwtemNymf said...

June 24th- Happy Fairy Day my Fae Friend!!

*sprinkle sprinkle*

You've been enchanted! ~A~


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