May 20, 2009

New Listings on LPS for May

OK, so I'm a little late telling ya'll about my listings on Lemon Poppy Seeds. Well I do have a life, LOL! At least that is what I'm calling it these days. This first listing is my Liberty Lady. She is made from Osnaburg fabric and is nice and prim.

She is a Snugglebug Blessings original, created by me, Cathy Gray. Okay, enough of the blah, blah blahs. She's a cutie for sure. Lighting the way for Liberty for all.

The next one is Americana Kitty and her crow. Pattern design by Tennessee Ridge Primitives. I just love how this kitty came out. Really meowing I love America!!! Don't you?!? She's made of muslin and has some of that wonderful Sweet Annie tucked inside her pocket. I shot this pic in my new garden bed. Creating that bed has put a crick in my back and neck. But the garden turned out really nice! I'll have to take some pics of that later to share. The wind was whipping when I took this pic, it was impossible to get a shot of the kitty's whiskers laying flat. But the pic still came out pretty good despite the wind. Hope you get over to LPS's for a gander. Lots of goodies there for you to see. Have a wonderful, creative day!

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Baggaraggs: said...

Well, I think your new Stuff on LPS is the Bomb. Both are lovely. I am so out of step with the world. I made a witch...yikes. I have to get myself in tune with the rest of the world. Maybe somebody needs to take me by the hand when I go into the studio and say..."Now the season is...and you should be making..." Have a Homespun day. That flag is really a great thing. You painted that didn't YOU! LOL Robin


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