May 23, 2009

Dirty Ole' House, God's always on time

This is my bedroom, it had a kitchen in it. All gone now. Pic below is of my scary house. Was white now green with flowers abounding.

I started out melancholy today, feeling a bit sorry for myself. boo hoo I say. My house is very old. 150+ years old. To make matters worse, I live on a corner with two streets. One in front of my house and one beside my house. The dirt and dust from living here is unbearable. It's not gray/white its brown/black dirt and dust and no matter how hard I clean, it NEVER LEAVES!!!! We have been renovating for over 4 years and I'm sooooooooooooo done. The main bathroom has a very, very old nasty shower stall in it. Yep I haven't had a bath in 4 years. Scary huh!

But even in the mist of all this there is blessings. I was afraid to move into the city and fought my husband tooth and nail. I was worried for my kids safety and we have had some problems. But God has kept us safe. I have 130lb Rottweiler and she has already protected us from a drug frenzied girl. This girl came into our house high as a kite and laid on our sofa to sleep her drug high off. My Rottie simply laid on top of the girl and would not let her move. I still laugh about it to this day.

As I sat in my chair starring at one of my many wonderful magazines, a woman knocked on the door. She thanked me for giving her granddaughter my daughter's old mattress. She started talking to me about the Lord and I just smiled. God is so good. He knows just when to bring an angel in your day doesn't he?!? I asked her about her bag she was carrying. She had made it herself. I was just looking at bags in my magazine and was thinking about offering those in my soon to be updated selling blog. She asked me if I new how to help her sell them for extra cash. I just smiled again. How does God do that????? He is amazing.

God has blessed me with wonderful neighbors. My neighbor on the left is now my best friend. My neighbors on the right are of a different race and they have become good friends as well. God doesn't care what color they are does he, why should I? God is so good.

So I am now out of that dark, self brooding pit I woke up with and am blessed and thankful once again. Thanks so much Lord, you are always on time.
Pics by: Lauren Gray, age 16.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Yeppers. God is pretty cool, isn't He? :> )
Happy Memorial Day darlin'.

Aritist of Hope said...

Hi Cathy,
I just obtained a Google account so I can blog. I hope you had a nice Memorial Day. I just stayed home with the cats and relaxed and checked online for some more houses to look at in case there is a glitch in negotiations for the one I showed you.
I hope I get a house soon, so I can buy some more of your wonderful creations.


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

What a lovely home you have, dust and all. God is better than good.
Hugs to you

AwtemNymf said...

Love the home! Wait- what- a girl just came "flying in" (to sleep the high off). Did you know the girl??


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