January 1, 2009

About Snugglebug

I have been a crafter for about 15 years now. It all started after many days and hours of playing Barbie for the millionith (is that a word? LOL!) time with my daughter. I thought to myself, wow, I need to do something that might help my brain return. So off I went to the fabric store and bought a silly bear pattern and fabric. That was the start of Snugglebug Prim Blessins.

It wasn't long before I found Country Marketplace (miss you) and ordered lots of patterns. How that helped me learn to create wonderful dolls. I am still thankful for that magazine. So now I am designing and creating my own line of dollies, Santa's, snowmen, kitty cats and more in the folk art, primitive, vintage and whimsical styles.

Hey, thanks for stopping by here at Snugglebug, you are always welcome here!

PS. Thanks Lord for the many talents you have given me, without you, none of this would ever be possible.


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