March 21, 2011

Times Flys When Your Scrubbing Toilets!

Can someone tell me where the time went? This year seems to be going so fast that I can't catch up. I know I wished for Spring to show up as soon as Christmas was over, LOL! But didn't realize how fast it snuck up on me. You see I have started cleaning houses for work and that has been such a hard adjustment, then I injured myself too! Fell flat on my face chasing a customer's puppy. Oh that darling pup, who just had to dart out of the door as we were leaving. But we had em cornered, so we thought, I dove right at the puppy, trying to grasp his darling little neck with my fingers. But as my body hit the ground, my back and neck arched and wham! Can you say "CHIROPRACTOR"?!? Try not to laugh. But I have had 2 visits to the chiropractor and not sure if I will have to go back again. Oh yeah, that darling little pup got away!

Hard to believe that we started a cleaning business at our ages, but its true and I am 52 years old. My body is not taking to it to kindly like it did when I had a cleaning business in my 30's. So here I am trying to clean houses and I hurt so bad, yeah, I'm not in shape and I know what your thinking..."what the heck is a 50+ gal doing cleaning someone else's house, is she nuts?" Well if you could tell me how to get a job at my age, I'll stop doing it. Many applications later and some age discrimination on the side, I got nothing, yep, not one single interview, so I'm scrubbing toilets and dusting tables. Not happy about it, yeppers, not one bit. My partner, who is 46 years old, is feeling the pain too but she can clean a customer's house then go ahead and then clean her own house right after. Well I say, "you take this business over, I'm too tired and hurt beyond belief." She laughs but it is true. Things hurt that I didn't even know I had, LOL! So we will see how long I can hang in there.

So that is why I haven't had one chance to post since January, time flys when we are having fun, scrubbing toilets or falling down on the job. Ugh! My aching back!

Hugs (gently),



Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Oh Cathy... I'm hurtin from my toes to my head for you girl !

After 2 shows back to back in 2 weeks even in my late 30's I must admit I'm sore and tired ..and Abbey (my Mom) in her early 60's has been caressing the couch for 2 days now ..LOL!!!

It seems our bodies do change with time and age. But Like I tell her it's good for us and especially her because if you quit your body loses it's strength and you get old really quick. Hang in there you'll get in shape over time again and it'll keep you healthy and youg girl !

I think it's hard to get a job even at my age. Getting hired is a hard thing anymore it's not what it used to be ..I think you have to have a degree just to be a Wal-Mart greeter ..

thanks for stopping in at our blog its always a blessing recieve such sweet comments !

I'll keep you in my prayers !

Blessings ..Sara

Zan Asha said...

Hey Cathy!

How are you, sorry I haven't been able to post here in awhile! I am sorry to hear your misfortunes with the job market, looks like it's hard for so many to work, when so many people want to!

I hope you are adjusting alright, but it looks like you at least had (some) fun with the pup!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Cathy ~
Bless your heart and your achy parts too! I was napping last night when Hubs came home, so I know the feeling well. Here is wishing you many pain free joy-filled days ahead for you ~ blessings ~ Katie

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh no, too many job hazards there young lady. I retired at 42 and started working out of the home. As I got older it was better for me to work away from others and their hazards... LOL. My mind has a mind of its own, and that includes altering my balance. You know the song, "The Olde Grey Mare"... well, she ain't what she used to be:)


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