December 16, 2010

Christmas Cheer and A Little Swap

I thought I would take a few pics of my home all decorated for Christmas. Now I am one for doing my best to take good pics but somehow these are not very desirable I'm afraid. But you can get the gist of my holiday decorating (forgive the blurriness, I haven't the foggiest on why they are coming out this way).

Now I just love Santa's, don't you! I can never have enough and just love to display them in my living room on my fire place mantel. There are all different styles and I even have more in a box somewhere. My Christmas tubs got moved so many times, they are LOST IN SPACE............

I just love this yellow 1900 century hutch and it is really so much fun to decorate as well. Now who is that peeking out from behind the garland, what, its Frosty trying to stay cold. Well that won't be a problem will it. Let me tell you a little story about that garland. Yeah, my friend talked me into that L-natural berry stuff but she forgot to mention HOW PAINFUL GETTING YOUR FINGERS STUCK 100 TIMES IS!!!!! Yeah, those darling berry branches are loaded with thorns and HURT LIKE THE DICKENS!!!!! Ok, I'm alright now.

This is my meager dinning room table, I turned my quilt upside down and just showed the white backing, then I laid a table runner across then added my wonderful old coca cola box, candles, real pine needles yeah you guest it, those amazingly painful BERRIES. Oh and this wonderful glass container with a Santa inside.

This sweet angel was made for a swap. I have not received my dolly as of yet, but this is the one I sent my partner. I hope she likes it. Her eyes came out really well I think.

Here's a pic of her again. Her skirt is really that puffy. LOL! She's a fancy angel, tee, hee.
Camara's who needs em, shesh, mine is driving me nuts. But I will mess with the little bugger tomorrow and maybe get a few pics of some other Christmasy spots here at the old homestead.

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

God bless. Cathy


Vicki said...

I love your hutch and decorations! Your Etsy is calling me now. I can see that Santa and crazy for it. So talented you are!

Cabin and Cottage said...

You've got some charming things here! Thanks for your visit to my place--Jacqueline


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