October 22, 2010

New Offerings for Snugglebug

Howdy folks. It's been just a bit longer than I had planned on to post. So sorry about that. But don't fret as I have a sneak peak for you with new offerings coming to my site at a a www.snugglebugprimblessins.com

This darling sunflower will look lovely in a tart burner with a star, which is soon to be listed too. The sunflower smells like pan cakes in the winter. Well I will be putting some on my website soon. Will keep you posted.

These are wood turnings made into decorative candles holders. (Not to burn) So love them and they have a nice scent too!

This little diddy is just darling and holds a battery operated tea light and or a real tea light, whatever you prefer. I dressed it up with the Christmas garland. Cute huh?!?

So love this prim tinware in mustard. I placed a grungy battery operated light in it to gussy it up. Its great because you can put prim fixins in there to add some smelling good fragrance.

These sweet Snow Folk are already listed on my website. Come on over and check them out.
I hope hope you enjoyed a sneak peak. I'll keep you posted when they are finally ready for purchase. If you see something that you just gotta have, please email me at: cottagebug@yahoo.com.

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