August 19, 2010

Lately in all this insanity of renovating, meeting special orders and starting a new business I have found time to read. I don't even know why I started to read novels again. It was on a whim that I picked up a book, a book on the Amish of all readings. The novel was fiction but the values where Amish values, ones I come to cherish. As a Christian, reading how the Amish court, live and love has made me cry, rejoice and very, very convicted.

I've started talking to my children differently. As a matter of fact, I have added more chores, taken away TV somewhat and I now just read instead of watching that blasted thing. What a time stealer, family robber and opinion maker that TV is. Don't get me wrong, I may still watch it, but after reading some of the stistics from the Amish, I may never turn it on again. Read below.

Some interesting facts.

1. Wealth - A research from the Ohio State U. found that Amish farms income can be 10 times higher than that of a modern high tech farm.

2. Retirement - Most Amish have accumulated enough wealth to retire between 50-60 years of age.

3. Death - When someone dies young teens (age 16 and up) go the night before the funeral and sing, as many as 300 or more come and sing, can you invision your teen doing this???

4. Forgiveness - When the Amish Nickel Back school shooting took place (Amish children where shot and killed) the parents, grandparents, friends, family and more showed up to the shooter's house, engulfed the family with food, hugs, prayers and comfort. One grandfather of a victim embraced and hugged the shooter's father as he cried in his arms. The Amish attended his funeral and continued to comfort the family far after the shooting and funeral took place.

5. Faith - Faith is the core value they live their lives by. They don't preach faith, they live it day in and day out in every aspect of their lives.

I will have more to share in the future. Hope you enjoyed and can learn from the Amish. God bless. Cathy

Information from the book "Amish Peace" written by: Suzanne Woods Fisher


Cheryl said...

I appreciate you sharing this and I will look for the book. I have felt for a long time the biggest problems we have today are from a lack of faith, values and appreciation of what is truely important which doesn't happen to be the pursuit of money and "stuff". God says he will provide if we follow him and I guess the Amish are living proof of that promise.

Josh Healy said...

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Christine said...

As I was blog hopping, the picture you use of the Amish caught my and I stopped by! So glad I did! I have just finished reading 'Amish Peace' and like you I have been deeply touched by their practices. I couldn't agree more about TV and family time. We need God's help to give us victory in this!
Best wishes

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi,I don't know if you read my blog post about the Amish Fiction I have been reading for years and my thoughts on thier 'life and faith' - if not, check it out.
I feel so much like you do and i love the post you put here.
Hugs, Karen


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