April 2, 2009

A Flower, a Mouse, and Big Ears

A flower, a mouse, and big ears?!? She was dancing in the sunlight, giggling and scampering through the field. Then suddenly, a drip here, a drip there and before you know it rain drops. She scattered towards the undergrowth in the woods and came upon a wonderful group of yellow flowers. They were big, big enough to cover herself all the way home. She tugged, she pulled, she fell on her tush twice. That made her giggle, but with a few chews of her teeth, she managed to loosen and pull the very large flower umbrella, as she called it, from its root. The flower was a surprisingly light, she was glad about that because she had a long way to go to get home.

The rain continued to fall as she scurried home, but she wasn't worried. She had her beautiful flower umbrella and that's all she needed. So you are asking yourself what do the big ears have to do with it? Well, nothing really. Except they sit on top of her head and make her look really adorable. HeeHee!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

what a cutie pie little iva is!

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Oh my Cathy...she is a cutie pie! Love those ears to pieces!!! What a cute little mousey story....Susan

plain*worker*primitives said...

You have wonderful creations :) Happy I stopped by :)
Have a good week,

Kim Kohler said...

Just Adorable! Love this Little Miss Iva Mousey!


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